Composite instrument banner 1Our laboratory is one of the best equipped in the world for imaging mass spectrometry.

We have the industry standard ToFSIMS 5 imaging instrument from IONTOF equipped with a bismuth cluster ion gun for sub-micron imaging along with a Cs/C60 sputter gun for depth profiling of organic and inorganic materials. We are also the 3rd laboratory in the world to take delivery of a J105 ToF-SIMS instrument from Ionoptika. This instrument has sample handling capabilities that are optimised for biological specimen. The J105 uses quasi-continuous primary ion beams (curently C60 and Ar2500) and bridges the gap between static and dynamic SIMS instrumentation.
MALDI imaging capability is provided by a Bruker Ultraflextreme instrument. This ToF-ToF instrument uses the Bruker “Smart Beam” technology to offer imaging at 10-15 micron imaging resolution.

Sample preparation is key for bio-imaging applications and the lab also houses a cryomicrotome and Brukers ImagePrep matrix application device.

Supporting the imaging applications is a Bruker MicroToF II instrument with several CE and LC front ends.

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