Ionoptika J105


J105 3D Chemical Imager

The J105 3D Chemical Imager is a high performance SIMS system which uses DC primary cluster beams and a revolutionary time of flight analyser to create a new paradigm in organic analysis. The use of a DC primary ion beam allows rapid imaging with continuous data acquisition (i.e. no separate etch cycle), with simultaneous high spatial resolution and high mass resolution. For imaging of organic samples, the instrument is equipped with 40 kV C60 and gold cluster beams. The analyser is a dual-focussing combination of a shaped field buncher and a non-linear reflectron.

Automated sample insertion, a 1 micron precision 3-axis stage and camera assisted sample positioning allow simple and precise experimental setup. There is also provision for cold sample handling and fracture to facilitate analysis of frozen hydrated or freeze-dried samples. The J105 operates entirely under computer control; experiments can be routinely pre-programmed and run automatically.


• High mass resolution and high spatial resolution at the same time.
• Depth profiling
• 3D imaging
• Large area imaging
• Rapid, continuous acquisition
• Automated operation
• Advanced data viewing facility

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