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2014 Chalmers university of technology, Researcher, Director Infrastructure for Chemical Imaging
University of Gothenburg/Chalmers university of technology, Researcher, Director Swedish national center for imaging mass spectrometry

University of Gothenburg, Institute of Biomedicine, Department of medical chemistry and cell biology, Researcher, Manager for the National TOF-SIMS laboratory,

University of Gothenburg, Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology, Researcher

PhD on Localisation of organic ions with imaging TOF-SIMS, Sahlgrenska academy, Gothenburg

MSc in Engineering Biology (civ ing. Teknisk Biologi), Institute of technology, Linköping university, Linköping Sweden

My research is focused on understanding, developing and applying molecular imaging in the fields of biology and materials with a focus on the interface between biology and materials. In biology this involves characterization and lipid profiling of cells and tissue, such as adipose cells/tissue, brain, bone and teeth. In materials science my main focus has been the study of oxides and oxide formation in implants and SOFC materials. Some of my current projects: characterization of minerals and elements on in hypomineralised tooth tissue, peptide and protein profiling of prehistoric tissue, localization of Vitamin D in human adipose tissue biopsies, Localization of heavy metals in bacteria and material characterization of high temperature corrosion materials and SOFC surfaces as well as zinc in neurochemistry. See more information about Per Malmbergs research at .

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